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Harlequin F.C

Harlequin F.C 2020

The Harlequin Football Club is an English Football League team. For sponsorship reasons, they were previously known as NEC Harlequins, but the main sponsors are currently held by DHL and Adidas. In 2018, Niall Saunders wore a Harlequin F.C rugby jersey to participate in the Premiership Rugby competition. Before each game begins, all players must wear rugby uniforms, which helps increase their collective sense of honor. The 2020 Harlequin F.C rugby jersey was designed and launched by Adidas. This new home jersey is an improved version of the traditional Harlequins homewear. It is said to celebrate "the cradle of the harlequin". The traditional quarter of Quins homewear can be seen from a distance, but after careful inspection, it was found that " The smaller diamond of the "Clown" has always been the club's 150 badge. The away jersey features a diamond pattern where green and black quarters meet. We are an online rugby jersey shop that can provide you with cheap Harlequin F.C rugby jerseys. Happy shopping!

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