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Japan 2020

Japan is managed by the Japan Football Association. Like every rugby team, the Japanese rugby team has its nickname, the Warriors of Sakura. 2019 is a commemorative year for Japan, because in this year they won the right to host the Rugby World Cup. This event is also the first time that an unconventional top rugby power has hosted. This year, Michael Leitch participated in the game wearing a new Japan rugby jersey. Before each game begins, all players must wear rugby uniforms, which helps increase their collective sense of honor. The 2019 Japan Rugby World Cup jersey was designed and launched by Canterbury. The new home jersey was inspired by the samurai lifestyle's traditional honor code "Bushido", which is reflected in the size details of the entire shirt. The red hoop is decorated with a golden bell to reflect the sunshine on the top of the famous Mount Fuji in Japan. We are an online rugby jersey shop that can provide you with cheap Japan rugby jerseys. Happy shopping!