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Fiji 2020

Fiji is one of the few countries where rugby union is the main sport. Nicknamed "Flight Fijian", the head coach is John McKee. They performed best in 1987 and 2007, beating Argentina and Wales to the quarterfinals, respectively. This year, Jerry Tuwai wore a new Fiji rugby jersey to participate in a rugby match. Before each game begins, all players must wear rugby uniforms, which helps increase their collective sense of honor. The Fiji rugby jersey for 2020 is designed and launched by ISC Sport. This is undoubtedly the most striking design in the championship so far, with Fiji's prominent Fijian art style in the collar, side panels and cuffs, and the subtle tones on the shoulders. The jersey is also famous for the new Fiji rugby logo, which simplifies the iconic palm tree design and adds the words "Flying Fijians" instead of "Fiji Rugby". We are an online football store that can provide you with cheap Fiji rugby jerseys. Happy shopping!