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Stade ToulousainRugby Jersey2018-19

Cheap Stade Toulousain rugby jersey 2018-19

2018/19's home shirt just felt nice. The plain black shirt is ornamented with an interesting grey faded stripey pattern that runs from top to bottom.


It's a cool and unique effect, and is certainly a great deal more striking off the bat than the none more black Saracens jersey, and the equally plain home shirt from last season – though we do miss the red and black pinstriped side pattern.

We do get some red, however, in the shape of the rather lovely hooped sleeve cuffs and and collar back.

The away rugby jersey is effectively a simple palette swap of the home shirt, with black substituted for white, and the same grey pattern on both the front and back.


Again, it's a cool design, and the graphic on the body of the design is more prominent against white than it is on black – those striped cuffs pop a bit more, too.

In addition to home and away jerseys, we also provide you with the Nike European version of the jersey.

It's easy to forget that the four stars above the club badge of Toulouse represent that there was a time when the Occitanie aristocrats were the undisputed kings of European rugby.


In truth it's been a decade since Toulouse were last a force in Europe, but their return to the Champions Cup this season (complete with a very impressive first two games) indicates that the good times might be on the way again, and they'll be marking that return with a new Nike European shirt.

Red has always been Toulouse's colour of choice when it comes to European competition, and that continues again for 2018/19, following on from last season's bespoke Euro jersey, but it's a little more restrained.

Instead of the cavalcade of stripes and jagged shapes that covered last season's design, here we have a series of tonal diagonal pinstripes that thicken to a prominent dark red sash that runs across the centre of the design.

Other than that, it's all very clean and restrained, as all good jerseys should be, though we do like the little white and black striped flourish on the sleeve cuffs a lot.

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